Examples Of Attractive Chatline Greetings

Black guy recording his chatline greeting

Your greeting is the first thing people will hear so you need to make sure that it is perfect. You should view it as your own sort of commercial and if you fail to make a good impression for the customers you won’t get very far. To make an impact on any chatline such as ChatlineUSA you will need to have an emphatic greeting.

Greetings are important for both men and women, however guys seem to struggle much more with it. Guys need to be confident and smile when they are selling themselves to stand out from the crowd. If you are a girl you simply need to sound fun, cheerful, flirtatious and elegant.

The best way to perfect your greeting is to refine, repeat and test until you get the desired results that you want. Before you make the call it is a good idea to write down your greeting. You should practice it and learn it so you sound much more fluent when saying it for real. The key is to sound confident and obviously adjust it slightly depending on which type of chatline site you are on. For example if it is a naughty chatline you will want to talk dirty, but on a singles chatline looking for love you will want to sound fun and flirty. It is also crucial to remember that how you say things is much more important than what you say. Always say your greeting with a friendly tone and clear voice. Here are a few examples of chatline greetings to get you ready.

Example Chatline Greetings For Men:

Example 1: The Muscular Stud

Hey I’m Chad and I know you are looking for a good time. I’m 6ft 2 and have a really muscular body. I know how to have all kinds of fun and can show you all the best clubs in Vegas. I work out at the gym 5 days a week and love weight training. I’ve got the looks and if you’re up for a good time then hook me up. We can go out for a coffee or have a pamper day at the spa. Leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

Example 2: The Confident Ladies Man

Yo, if you can hear me right now then you are one lucky girl. My name is Andy and I’m here to show you the real meaning of life. I love hanging out at the bar and going on romantic road-trips. I am 5ft 11 with a sexy athletic body. I’m a really fun and loving guy in the New Orleans area so if you’re nearby leave a message and I’m sure we could have a good time.

Example 3: The Loving Gentleman

Hello there, my name is Daniel and I am looking for the perfect someone to become my Queen. I reside in Manhattan, New York and know how to treat my lady. I would like to show you around town and dine at the best restaurants in New York. I’m an average build with a clean cut and know how to look after myself. I will show you how to live a high life and take you wherever you want to go. Like what you hear? Give me a call.

Be realistic about your personality and don’t lie. If you are muscular then make sure you mention it as it will attract more ladies. If you are looking for someone to take care of and have a real relationship then make sure you come across as a caring and loving guy. Always mention your name and give a rough idea of your looks. It is also a good idea to mention your main hobbies or interests. Don’t be shy.

Example Chatline Greetings For Women:

Example 1: The Blonde Bombshell

Hey, I’m Lisa and love having cozy nights in with the perfect someone. I love drinking wine and enjoy going on dates to the cinema. I’m small, fit and flirty with a sex slim physique. If blondes are your type then I’m your sweetheart. Call me if you want to know some more.

Example 2: Innocent but Dirty

Hello my name is Alexis and I’m 22 looking for some fun. I work in a grocery store but don’t let that full you. I recently graduated from university and I’m now looking to enjoy the rest of my younger years. I’m fun and ready to meet someone hot! I have a petite figure and latina looking ethnicity. If I’m your girl hook me up!

Example 3: Short and Sweet

Hey I’m Carmen and I’m looking for the perfect man to keep me settled. I’m tall and slim and love dancing. I can do all types of dancing so I can give you a treat if you behave. I will listen to any music and need someone to fulfill my needs. Sound good? Get in touch.

Girls just make sure you are honest and say what you are looking for. Are you looking for a proper relationship or just a sex partner? Be honest because you don’t want to find the wrong guy. Try and explain roughly how you look and it is a good idea to express your hobbies and interests. Many guys will want to know your hair color as well so it is a good idea to include that in your greeting too.

Hopefully now you will be more confident with your greetings. Remember it is important that you perfect your greeting to give a good impression. Your greeting will usually reflect your personality so people will know what to expect of you. Also make sure you express what you are looking for as you don’t want to waste your time. Make sure that you state you are only looking for a sex partner if that is the case and do the same if you are looking for a relationship. Practice makes perfect so make sure you learn your greetings and are able to adjust it for different sites. Always smile and sound happy when you read out your greeting and ensure that it flows smoothly. Do this and your phone will be ringing all day long!

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