Staying Safe

As with any form of remote dating, there are danger involved and if you don’t know how to protect yourself, you could find yourself in serious trouble. ChatlineUSA wants you to be able to have fun and do it safely—that is why we are offering you these simple tips to staying safe on the chatline.

Meet in Public

The best way to ensure that you are safe is to meet in public. People are more likely to do anything dangerous in crowded places with security like malls or in restaurants. Even if you just meet them at the grocery store, you are adding a level of safety to the mix that can save your life.

Buddy Date

When you are with somebody else, you are less likely to get hurt. Bring a friend or somebody you rust along to meet the person you are meeting so that you can have an added level of safety. There is nothing wrong with that, and you will often find that your friend can offer a valuable assessment of the situation.

If in Doubt, DON’T MEET

You want to find the perfect person, and that means analyzing every detail about them to make sure that they are the right one for you. If somebody is showing signs of serious flaws in the beginning, chances are that they aren’t right for you and that they are a lot crazier than they are letting on.